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Design Thinking is a method used to drive innovations, develop innovative organizational culture and awake creativity in all of us.

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Design Thinking Proces​s

Empathy – Identifying with the user

In our attempt of making products and services that users really want – we need to truly understand them. In order to understand our users we need to get into their shoes and find out what are their needs, preferences and fears. We discover all this things from field research, interviews and observations with relevant stakeholders.

Profiling – Defining the problem

Based on gathered information and acquired insights from the field research and after a detailed market analysis we are (re)defining the challenge that we started with, having bigger picture in mind.

Ideation – Developing ideas

Using creative brainstorming and visualization ideas, we work with attendees to generate as many new ideas as possible. The main goal of this phase is to think of ways to improve user experience with a product or service.

Prototyping – Developing a prototype

With our team of experts we transform ideas into functional, fast and economical products, services and business model prototypes that can be touched, felt and seen.

Testing – Evaluating under real conditions

We give our prototypes to users and observe how they use them. After they test our prototypes we are taking their criticism and suggestions to make better prototypes. By testing and refining our prototypes through iteration we are minimizing the risk of failure.

Our Team

A team of strategists, creators, researchers and designers that will work with you to identify your challenges, design prototypes and implement new solutions.

Marko Škrobo

Andrijana Parić

Josipa Bračanov

Enes Nahić

Marina Kolesarić

  • 40+ Two-day workshops
  • 800 Two-day workshop attendees
  • 600 Educated students
  • 200 Created prototypes
  • 5 Certified trainers

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