Transformation of the leading BiH teleoperator into the Innovation Hub

Support for teleoperator with development of internal Design Thinking capacities: a new tool for solving modern business challenges.


Faced with numerous, rapid market changes and growing unpredictability, one of the leading telecom operators in Bosnia and Hercegovina has decided to adjust the approach to creating new offers, and implement Design Thinking methodology along with standard data-driven approach. The initial Design Thinking sprint workshop provided a series of prototypes of new services, that were referred to further development. After the workshop, the participants expressed their interest in further education, methodology understanding and implementation of Design Thinking within their own organization.


Our Design Thinking team has developed and implemented the TrainTheTrainer programme and educated 8 of client’s employees within 3 months. Members of the team were selected after the initial half-day workshop, which was designed to increase the interest in Design Thinking within the company. Through direct contact with Design Thinking coaches, participants adopted DT principles and mastered tools and methodologies used in DT process. The last step entailed designing, preparing and implementing their own two-day workshops within the organization, addressing the real business challenge, with monitoring and support from our experienced DT coaches.


In 3 months, 8 of the clients employees were trained to work with teams independently in the form of two-day sprint-workshops. Implementation of the pilot workshop resulted in development of 4 prototype services for the specific market segment. During the implementation of TrainTheTrainer programme, Apsolon’s team spent more than 50 hours in direct contact with client’s employees during the „DeepDive“ and „Shadowing“ phase, and the culmination of the program – implementation of pilot workshops where client’s employees took over the role of facilitators – entailed 4 intense workshop days with more than 30 participants of various profiles, that were tracked by trainers in order to get individual feedback.

After the implementation of the program, client’s employees started training their own colleagues, but they also started implementing DT process into their existing business processes of the organization.