Web and mobile application that transforms employee feedback and evaluation

Replacement for time-consuming and old-fashioned 360 feedback through an application to give praise and advice to colleagues, superiors and associates.


The task was to design a solution that would stimulate the development of knowledge culture and enable the organization for meritocracy of ideas – a system in which best ideas win.


Apsolon’s digital transformation experts have developed a methodology and solution in the form of a mobile application that provides instant feedback on the characteristics and performnce of employees. Through continuous collecting and providing feedback from a large number of colleagues the infrastructure for development of idea meritocracy and culture of knowledge has been provided. The mobile application continually handles a large amount of data, providing the entire organization, as well as the employee, with a detailed insight into the skills and capabilities of each employee.


The increased volume and frequency of information gathering on each employee, through the dispersed source, provides employees with a unique and objective overview of their own characteristics and clearly points to those where there is room for improvement. Three months after successful implementation of the organization’s application, employee engagement, as well as retention, increased by 22%. The time needed to provide 360 ​​feedbacks was reduced to 30% of the time that was needed before. The development of learning culture, through continuous and timely giving and receiving feedback, has increased employee productivity by as much as 26%.