Web and mobile application that transforms employee feedback and evaluation

Replacement for time-consuming and old-fashioned 360 feedback through an application to give praise and advice to colleagues, superiors and associates.

The first regional online marketplace that connects projects with experts

We’ve built the first international web platform for connecting top consultants and experts with projects and organizations.

Transformation of the leading BiH teleoperator into the Innovation Hub

Support for teleoperator with development of internal Design Thinking capacities: a new tool for solving modern business challenges.

Creating a culture of innovation in leading regional oil company

How we have revived creative potential of a leading regional oil company.

How does the Design Thinking Workshop look like?

If you haven’t been on the Design Thinking workshop yet, then this is a reading for you! Design Thinking Workshop is not one of those where you will just sit and passively “absorb” knowledge, but you will actively participate and learn the methodology through its application. Sounds interesting, but you still don’t know what it’s all about?

What is Design Thinking?

We’re pretty sure you’ve heard about the concept of Design Thinking many times lately. But have you ever wondered what it is and why there’s so much talk about this seemingly simple methodology?

The first Croatian Design Thinking project in public administration

The largest regional statistical institute (design) sprints to innovation.