Half-day Workshops

Find and activate your team’s creative potential in just a few hours!

On our half-day workshops, attendees will learn about how to apply Design Thinking methodology in problem-solving. This memorable experience helps people change their perspectives and mindsets. In the first part of the workshop, we explain what Design Thinking methodology is and present a few case studies from various industries. Afterwards, the whole team collaborate in finding quick solutions for defined challenges. The challenges are always chosen in a way that every participant can identify with it.

Half-day workshops are perfect for organizations who want to teach a large number of employees, in a short period of time, about the main principles of Design Thinking methodology. If you want to enrich your business events, conferences, team buildings or university lectures, this Design Thinking workshop will fit perfectly!

Who are half-day Design Thinking workshops for?
These workshops are for everyone who wants to learn about Design Thinking methodology in a short period of time. Students, event planners, managers…

  • Estimated duration

    2-4 hours

  • Number of participants


  • Number of trainers



  • New knowledge acquired
  • Techniques and tools that will be useful in your every day work
  • Networking with colleagues
  • Personal development and change of perspective
  • Motivated employees
  • Useful materials and access to the Design Thinking alumni group
  • Snacks