Profiling & ideation

Apply specific Design Thinking stages, techniques and tools tailored to your business challenges.

Is your business stagnating? You need new ideas and you want to attract new customers? When was the last time you asked your users for their honest opinions and feedback?

We will analyze your business model, explore the market, collect and analyze acquired data, conduct a thorough interview with potential and existing customers. From that you will gain valuable insights for your service and product development, improve customer experience, and improve business processes.

We will help you generate a large number of ideas, evaluate and validate them, and we will work on those that will bring value to your business. After business and financial analysis of the chosen ideas you will be ready for its implementation.

Who is this service for?
For smaller and mid-sized companies and entrepreneurs who are stuck in operational tasks instead of developing their business. For marketing and digital agencies that need fresh perspective and help with their clients.

  • Estimated duration

    5-10 days

  • Number of participants


  • Number of trainers



  • Detailed market analysis
  • Fresh ideas and new perspective
  • Selection and elaboration of ideas
  • Satisfied users and improved user experience
  • All the materials, gifts and access to the Design Thinking alumni group