In-house Labs

Solve real business challenges and strengthen your team’s spirit in just a few days!

In-house labs can help you strengthen internal capacities of your organization. Through a two-day workshop employees go through the whole Design Thinking process, learn how to use tools to address your existing business challenge and design a real prototype to solve that challenge. Team building activities are integrated into the lab with the goal to encourage team spirit and motivate attendees to collaboratively solve business challenges.

The labs are designed to teach attendees how to use Design Thinking tools and methodology to eliminate a real business problem an organization is facing. In order to help teams come up with usable prototypes, we form multidisciplinary teams, organize interviews with focus groups, plan field work and facilitate every segment of the process.

Who are the in-house labs for?
Our most common participants at in-house labs are traditional organizations from telecom, banking and insurance industries as well as medium and enterprise companies from pharmaceutical, food and retail industries. Moreover, the labs are suitable for any organization that wants to innovate its processes, motivate its employees and solve real business challenges.

  • Estimated duration

    2 days

  • Number of participants


  • Number of trainers



  • Getting to know Design Thinking method
  • Fresh perspective and the way out of fixed processes
  • Skills and tools to create ideas and solve problems
  • Ideas and prototypes which can become products and services
  • Workbooks, materials & gifts
  • Motivated and productive employees
  • Satisfied users & improved user experience
  • Design Thinking certificate