Train The Trainer program

Become Design Thinking coach and invest in your future!

In this workshop, attendees dive deep into Design Thinking methodology. By the end of the workshop, they know how to use and apply all Design Thinking tools and they are capable to lead a team to eliminate challenges and create innovative solutions.

With the guidance of our Design Thinking experts you will become a Design Thinking coach. As a Design Thinking coach, you will acquire knowledge and skills to implement Design Thinking workshops at your organization. Our experienced coaches educated at prestigious institutions will prepare you to efficiently share your knowledge with others, and to apply the learned methodology in real-life situations and business challenges. Skills such as creativity, empathy and critical thinking are some of the most demanded competencies every employer is looking for in their employees. Become a Design Thinking coach and add those skills to your CV!

Who are the Train the Trainer programs for?
These programs are for team leaders, HR professionals, coaches, consultants and everyone who is familiar with Design Thinking basics and wants to deepen their knowledge.

  • Estimated duration

    12 days

  • Number of participants


  • Number of trainers



  • Understanding the basic concepts, principles and processes that imply Design Thinking methodology
  • Identifying potentials and challenges to which Design Thinking can be applied
  • Knowledge required to independently select, explain, and use the tools demonstrated
  • Knowledge about the ways and strategies of integrating Design Thinking processes into business processes of the organization
  • Recommendations and all necessary materials for the independent organization of the internal workshop
  • Understanding the process of selecting challenges, preparing participants, production details, and trainers preparations
  • Participation in our open workshop
  • Design Thinking certificate